Linden Beamish.

Death is all around
Just beautiful
From the depths.
Coloured flash sheet.
It comes for you.
Don't fear the reaper
Work in progress
Awe inspiring
Skull moth
Flash sheet of work
Skull in colour
Linden's work

Hi guy's so im back today to introduce to you Linden Beamish. An amazing artist that i have had the pleasure to grow up with and call my close friend, his style is unique and he has mastered colour work, his imagaination knows no limits. He is available for commissions and if you drop his instagram you can see more examples of his work check him out now!

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Jordan Thomson.

Blossoming beauty
Creation looms
Rise up!
Wilderness of our minds
Altered Self
Look to the night
Have Faith

Another great artist to show you is Jordan Thomson completely self taught and his digital work is stunning, his graphic work and attention to detail set him well above the rest. Not content with resting he continuely improves himself so he bring the very best in digital artwork to you all. keep an eye on this space for more news updates and links to any social media he sets up!

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Cait Maxwell.

Holding on to you
Tribute to EDD
Thoughts escape me
Young love
Drive by
Lazy comfort
String theory
Demons in my head
Watch me

Known for her colour work and imagination Cait brings a fantastic look at how we draw. Something of a perfectionist Cait constantly improves on her work. From stunning realism to playful soft animated style she covers it all, cait is avalible for design work and really is a talent to be sought after. Follow the link to her instagram to see more amazing work and stay tuned here for more news on projects Cait is working on.

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