As part of a Project for College im looking at confessions, Everyday confession, confessions from you and me, from everybody who wants to be involved.

the rules are simple:

1. confessions are completely anonymous when asking for a name just use the word confession, and when asked for an Email use


2. do not use names ever. if a name is present it will not be used.


3. all comments need a approval, we will not post anything that is trying to hurt someone.

4. have fun with it and your confession can be anything you want.

5. remember your confession might be used in an art project which you can follow the progress of on here.


Confessions update- Just here to give you a basis of the project here.

The idea for the confessions project comes from looking into German expressionism and expressive automatic drawing techniques, taking elements from these areas and evolving them. Seeing if

1. We as artists could illustrate a confession, the idea of confession.

2.explore how artists may confess feelings through artwork unknowingly

3. Look at 3 areas of confession. Personal-addiction to drugs, gambling, alcohol, feeling of depression and suicide, love and lust

Political- Nixon watergate, bill Clinton relations, David Cameron tax

Religion- Catholicism, confession, absolution, sin eating, prayers, confession booths.

The idea is to create 3 illustrations based on these 3 areas for a client writing an article based on each type of confession.

Also these areas will be combined to create an end of college year installation piece which is why we collecting confessions.

So thank you all for any feed back/ comments/ confessions

It's the first time I've approached a project in this depth so we shall see how the end result comes together

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